Where to Do Yoga in Morocco – Retreats and Centers

yoga retreat in morocco sahara desert

Dani making morning yoga

While we run our own yoga retreat each winter, usually the full moon after our meditation retreat, people sometimes ask us where they can go to make yoga and find some spiritual vibes the rest of the year.

Obviously Morocco is a Muslim country and is a good deal culturally removed from India and there aren’t too many yoga practitioners in Morocco although you’re likely to find at least some small yoga classes in the posher parts of Marrakech, Rabat and Casablanca. Morocco is a cheap winter destination though and just as we run our retreat in the Sahara, others have thought about opening yoga centers for people looking for some winter sun and like-minded people.

So here are a few ideas:

Yoga Retreats in Morocco

Morocco Yoga Retreats are perhaps bit on the pricey side with their retreats costing around 1300 euros – they do use the word ‘pampering’ frequently, however, and that’s not something we really do for instance…

You can also read about one very middle-class English journalists retreat experience of the above…

A bit more reasonable are the surf yoga retreats on the Moroccan Atlantic coast at around 520 euros a week. You surf, you make yoga, you eat well…maybe it’s not exactly a retreat but still good fun.

Here’s another surf and yoga center just north of Agadir. It also works out at about 500 euros a week.

Here’s a ‘yoga retreat hotel‘ running courses for over a thousand euros a week with pool and shuttle services into Marrakech..

And you can also make a yoga retreat in Fes for around 850 euros.

With the Road Junky Sahara retreats costing 395 euros for the week the yoga courses above look a bit expensive – but then again we don’t offer a swimming pool or room service…

Yoga Classes in Morocco

Here’s one Morocco yoga group on Facebook where you might be able to find out about local classes and connect to local yoga practitioners.

It seems there are regular yoga classes in Marrakech and also with this yoga teacher who also cooperates with these yoga holidays but it’s probably cheaper to just contact the teachers directly.

And this site has a summary of where you can  make yoga in Marrakech.

Casablanca seems to have more yoga centers than most places in Morocco:

There’s the Om Yoga classes and retreats, then there’s some Kundaline yoga courses and also the Shantie Yoga Space thought the last two sites are in French.  There’s even a Bikram yoga center.

There’s also a pilates and yoga center in Rabat.