Are you a bunch of hippies who believe in fairies?

We’re a big mix of people. Yes, some of the songs are from a devotional even mystical tradition but you don’t have to believe in anything in order to sing! There will be no spiritual blah blah, we’re an event with out feet on the ground even as our heads are in the clouds, and our hearts are…hmm, having trouble finishing this metaphor 🙂
Short answer: we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Do I need to bring an instrument?

It’s a good idea to.

We will provide some extra drums and there will be a piano there. It’s also okay to come just as a singer.

Do I need travel insurance?

We always recommend that you get your own travel insurance. We of course have our first aid kit and trained person on hand.

How do I stay clean?

There are showers heated by a wood burner so there will be hot water each time that we make a fire 🙂

I’m not a very good singer – can I still come?

Whatever your level or experience with singing, you’re welcome to join us. The festival is less about creating beautiful music than it is creating a beautiful feeling as we sing together. And if you’d like to learn more about using the voice there will be singing workshops on the festival during the day.

What do we eat? Can I come as a vegetarian/vegan?

The food will be vegan and there will be gluten-free alternatives with every meal served.

What should I bring?

A sleeping bag, a towel, a toothbrush and an instrument – or just your voice!

Where will I sleep?

You can either take a bed in a cabin, hire your own hut or camp. The huts are very simple and don’t have running water though they do have electricity sockets.

Will I be lonely if I come by myself?

We actively work on creating a sense of community – you won’t feel lonely though you’re always free to be alone when you need to be 🙂