Song Leaders

While there will be freestyle music around the fire, jamming and musical and singing workshops during the day, the essence of the Festival of Songs is coming together to sing.

And at the heart of the Festival of Songs are the song leaders who will guide us in group singing each night in the church.


Angeline and Cedric are musicians from France who bring a special, ecstatic feel to the music they make. Angeline brings her knowledge of Vedanta into the songs and sings with a heartfelt passion like a gasp of the soul, their songs grounded in Cedric’s intuitive and incredibly creative percussion.


Ganesham is a minor legend in the Czech Republic who introduces his songs with words from the heart about the themes and feelings, the intentions and meanings that can transform mantras from catchy tunes in Sanskrit to songs that can brig us to tears of joy. With charisma and presence, his songs take us up into the clouds and then slow down to let us root our feet on the ground.


Straky is a travelling musician from Slovakia who brings the spirit of Carpathian gypsy rhythms and an upbeat, powerful spirit that gets everyone dancing and singing within moments. When not busking or playing at any number of festivals, he plays for friends to create community spirit and atmosphere. A one man force of nature.


Mar is a dynamo from Spain who brings an contagious enthusiasm and energy to her choir leading, composing polyphonic harmonies drawing on years of professional musical education and experience. She will be building a choir through the week and leading us in multi-layered songs, guiding us into the heart of simultaneous melodies.