Group singing in the church

The Festival of Songs is centred around the experience of singing together.

There will be 5 song leaders who will hold space in the evenings in the church, guiding us through a repertoire of songs from India, the Middle East, Africa and South America, among other places as we draw on different singing traditions. Some of the songs have religious origins but we’re free to interpret the meaning for ourselves and just to connect to the words, the harmony, the joy and elation of singing together.

It can be quite emotional.

Sometimes the music will be slow and mystical, tapping into deep currents within, sometimes it will be wild and ecstatic, everyone jumping to their feet to dance.

The song leaders will be supported by musicians and you’re welcome to bring an instrument, too.

Music around the fire


But of course not everyone wants to go on a song journey every night. So we also have a camp fire where we can make music and sing pop, rock or songs from any other genre. We can sit and chat and laugh there and connect.

Daytime workshops

There will be yoga/meditation in the mornings and workshops going on centred around opening the voice, singing together in a choir, song writing, an introduction to musical theory, and you’re free to propose any workshop on music, dance or song.

We will eat lunch and dinner together in a circle and we’re free to hang out and drink tea and coffee together, go for walks in the forest, hang out by the fire and there will be music in the ait at all times 🙂