The Festival of Songs

Do you love to sing?

Do you love to sing together with others?

Would you like to join 70 other people to sing together mantras, devotional songs and chants in a beautiful old church in the middle of a forest?

Then the Festival of Songs is for you!

Every night in the church there will be a singing session guided by one of our song leaders who will get us singing beautiful melodies from India, the Middle East, South America and Africa – it doesn’t matter if we understand the words, we’ll connect to the feeling beneath them and share that together in song.

And while the group singing takes place in the church there will also be a fire outside where we can make more freestyle music, sing more popular songs, and sit and chat or dance through the night.

In the daytime we’ll be making workshops on different aspects of singing, music, dance and songwriting and we can put together little acts to share with the others. There will also be a choir you can join to sing compositions in different harmonies.

It will be a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that anyone can join. You don’t have to consider yourself a good singer – it’s just about the joy of opening your voice in song.

You can either stay in one of the cabins or put up a tent, there are warm showers and we will make all the vegan food and tea and coffee.