Yoga Retreats in Morocco

Are there any good yoga retreats in Morocco?

Well, we usually run a yoga retreat as well as a meditation retreat in the Sahara each winter but otherwise the only options open are mostly the kind of luxury spa holidays that will use up most of your month’s salary.

Combining dance and yoga

Combining dance and yoga

Yoga itself is pretty much unknown in Morocco except perhaps in a few of the modern cities like Casablanca, and is generally considered the kind of strange activity foreigners come to do on the beach. But if you check out an aggregator site like then you can find some packages, often tied up with surf lessons, too.

Taking a look at some of these yoga holidays they seem a bit crap though. One of the more affordable ones boasted that the price includes 2 free yoga sessions! It was advertised as yoga retreat for girls so perhaps the organisers have other priorities in mind…

Our yoga retreats in the Sahara are a great way to get started or refresh your yoga practice but we’re more focused on the overall spiritual and wellness side of retreats; just as important for us as the stretching and breathing is the opening and sharing that goes on in the group throughout the week.