The Sahara Retreat in French, German, Spanish and Italian

It’s one thing to offer something of value, it’s another thing for people to find it.

A friend on the last retreat pointed out to me that people tend to search in Google in their own language first, even if they will also search in English. So it was a total no-brainer that the retreat should have at least a welcome page in French, German, Spanish and Italian. I asked some friends on Facebook to help translate and now the pages are up!

morocco yoga retreat

Combining dance and yoga

I didn’t translate the entire website as the information changes on the other pages as I update details on the program and who’s teaching etc and it would have been too demanding to have to update those changes in each language, too. Hopefully who ever finds the retreat by searching for retraite de méditation  or yogakurse und Meditationsretreat in Marokko will speak enough English to understand the rest of the site…

Morocco being so close to Europe, we tend to hear English, German, French and Italian most commonly on the retreat while I speak in Spanish with the Berbers I work with. It’s hard to imagine the mainland Chinese wanting to come on this kind of adventure in the Sahara as their idea of tourism tends to involve minibuses and demanding schedules as they rush to photograph everything. And it might be culturally challenging for the introverted Japanese to come on a heart-opening retreat…but they’re welcome to try!